The Team

Doctor Cue is a motley assortment of BBQ enthusiasts from Sydney and Melbourne who are all about cooking great food over fire for family and friends, with a bit of competition on the side:

  • AJ (Anthony), team captain and perpetual gear collector
  • JD (Jon), Parsley Boy and IT guy that runs in the hamster wheel keeping this blog online
  • Adam, known as Steak Lord since we (well, he) took 4th in the surprise steak cook-off at our first comp

The team is the brain child of AJ, the man we all blame for our predicament when we’re trying to keep the rain out of the tent and the heat in the BBQ. As so many BBQ stories do, it all started with one BBQ care of Mrs AJ. That lit the fire and before long he had his eyes on comps and needed to get a team together. Jon didn’t know it, but a free ticket to Meatstock Sydney wasn’t a gift. It was a plan. A foolproof plan as it turns out! Meanwhile down in Melbourne Adam won himself a smoker in a promotion and the stage was finally set. Doctor Cue was born, with our first outing at ‘Smokin the Valley’ in Wingham, October 2016.

Our Smokers

Our weapon of choice is the Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM). We all have them at home and turn up to comps with at least 3 of them, accompanied by any of the Smokey Joe, Original Kettle or the Kamado Joe (don’t tell Weber we’re cheating…) that live mostly in AJ’s backyard. We’ve formed a bit of an allegiance, our wives may say love affair, with the WSMs, so our comp site is going to be punctuated by those 3 black bullets for the foreseeable future.

Our Page

We built this page to share our BBQ journey. We are passionate about our BBQ and hoping to show others the way into this world. In particular, if you have a WSM we’ll be posting tips, tricks and techniques to help you get started and cooking crowd pleasing feasts for family and friends. We’re not going to be giving you any amazing comp secrets here, well, maybe if we ever discover any!

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